15 Essentials for Girls to Learn Before

High School Graduation


This guide will help you:


⇨ Enable girls to face any challenge with unwavering confidence.


⇨ Help her build skills as a leader among her peers.


⇨ Give her a head start in mastering the personal development that will carry her successfully into adulthood.


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About Tahira

Tahira Bell is the founder of Teen Girl Impact, a coaching company dedicated to helping teen girls tackle challenges in their lives with confidence.

A former educator, Tahira knows first-hand the pressures and issues teen girls face today. She has learned that teen girls need a safe space to process what they are experiencing while being heard.

She loves that, as their coach, she is the trusted adult girls can confide in as she guides them in taking the steps towards successful and personally fulfilling futures.

Tahira is a double-certified life coach and has spent over fifteen years working with girls as a teacher, community youth advocate, curriculum developer and mentor.

Her signature program, Conquering Confidence, helps teen girls struggling to connect with their potential learn how to manage their emotional and mental health so that they can build the confidence they need to expand the possibilities they see for themselves.